This was written by a young girl in  Kabul, Afghanistan 
She wrote this a few days after a large suicide bombing occurred in Kabul.

 June 2017
1st entry:

Dear President Ashraf Ghani...!!!
I am sorry for disturbing you this late just by mentioning your name, I know you're not gonna see my post. But it's okay, I am feeling fine with it.

Actually I don't want to complain, I just want to let you know what is going on here.

Currently I'm in a targeted place in Kabul.  Everywhere we are surrounded by police, ranger cars, American forces and and those stuffs.
They have guns in hand and are looking after our peace.

I salute them, but I still feel unsafe.

You know I didn't sleep all last night.  I just sat and think what's gonna happen next, but it's OK.

Because I know you are also awake and think about what is wrong with this country.  The same as my dad does for his family.

Why I am writing is because of my dad.  He always says to share matters regarding your family with the elders as soon as possible before its ruined.

But everything is already ruined here.

I am a student, I have the same wishes you had.

You wished to study as I do, you wished to become a personality as I do, you wished to live happily and safe as I do and everyone here in this country does.

You as well wished to be a president.  You already became president, so please help to make my dreams come true as you did yours.

At the ending, I wanna say something.

If I become the last victim of the war here in Afghanistan and it stops daily killing and wars; I am ready to leave along side with my dreams and make the environment suitable for my country mates.

Anyway love you as a dad and the boss of my family please don't let your family destroy and separate, they have things to do.

2nd entry from Kabul,  June 2017

Every second can cause death, everywhere is surrounded by police.

The darkness of night makes the environment more than horrific.

The sound of the their shoes are getting faster by the second.

I see nervousness on every one's face, they look scared and worried.
Everyone is in hiding.

The police put the laser of their guns on every single window.

Everyone cries and is waiting to hear the sound of a bomb blast, a rocket or a suicide attacker and lose themselves.

Hope for nothing but just Allah, he is absolutely mehraban but in case if something happen it will be in our taqdeer.   Personally I believe in and anything happens it will be our khair in.

Anyway it's sahre time but I can't eat anything,

Happy sahre for you guys

Keep me in your prayers

Please, please, please pray.

I am really scared.


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