Isis has taken our freedom has been taken away
"They killed our childhood.
But always there is a hope."

message to Afghan kids

"Hello, I am Lilav and am 9 years old.  I'm from Syria but  now live in Kurdistan.
I love you guys so much and I hope peace and success to all of you.

I love and I hope for all the kids to live with peace in their countries."

God is great.
I love Iraq and we cry for Iraq.
May God help Iraq.
Age 9
Baharka, Iraq

In Syria, the guns become the most popular things. 

We wish to live in peace and safety as last time - without guns, gunshots, and without any more death.
We are in Kurdistan.

This message is from Syrian children.
I am Khaled. We came from Syria and are living in Kurdistan.  I am 12 years old.  We live in Kambt Ahkrn in Erbil.
We don't want to die.
We want to play and be happy and study.
We don't want to die.
drawn by a Syrian child
"I wish all the children in Afghanistan to have a safe life." from Syria"My eye is crying blood"

from a Syrian child

Message to Afghan kids:

My name's Hanan. I live in Kurdistan.  I love you very much and wish you have safe life.

The eyes are crying for Iraq.
I want freedom for Iraq.

Vive Iraq

Everyone has to help change our world to be a better place.
We must be merciful, have peace, friendship, and hope. 

And in the end, we all must help.

from Iraq

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