"Isis has taken our freedom has been taken away"
"They killed our childhood.
But always there is a hope."

message to Afghan kids

"Hello, I am Lilav and am 9 years old.  I'm from Syria but  now live in Kurdistan.
I love you guys so much and I hope peace and success to all of you.

I love and I hope for all the kids to live with peace in their countries."

"God is great.
I love Iraq and we cry for Iraq.
May God help Iraq."

Age 11
Baharka, Iraq

"In Syria, the guns become the most popular things. 

We wish to live in peace and safety as last time - without guns, gunshots, and without any more death.
We are in Kurdistan."

This message is from Syrian children.
"I am Khaled. We came from Syria and are living in Kurdistan.  I am 12 years old.  We live in Kambt Ahkrn in Erbil.
We don't want to die.
We want to play and be happy and study.
We don't want to die."
drawn by a Syrian child
"I wish all the children in Afghanistan to have a safe life."

from Syria
"My eye is crying blood"

from a Syrian child

Message to Afghan kids:

"My name is Hanan. I live in Kurdistan.  I love you very much and wish you have safe life."



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