"I am crying for coming peace in the world"


"Hello!  This is "S" from Jalalabad, Afghanistan. 

I am 13 yrs old.  I go to school to study for  my future.

Even if our country is in a harsh condition, my parents always support and motivate me to go to school.

My message is:

I am not afraid of threats and now it's the time for us to fight with pen and education against narrow minded extremists who led our country to dark ages for years. 
Roses from Afghanistan for the hope of peace in Iraq"
"Always there is a hope."

Herat, Afghanistan
"We have many disabilities from war.  Iraqi brothers and sisters, InShallah peace will come to your country"

age 13  Kabul
 from Afghanistan"Dear Iraqi children,
We lost our homes in war. We live in tents, we go to school with difficulties, but we have the hope to have a happy better life, and for you too."

written by two brothers age 13 and 10.   Kabul

"Peace is Life."

age 16, Kabul

"Dear Iraqi,
War will stop at your country."

age 12, Kabul
My message to Iraqi people and Iraqi fighters:

"Don't fight, don't kill children, women, men anymore.  Don't make humans disabled anymore. War destroys houses. Children become orphans."

from Kabul


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