Many of the drawings from Afghanistan and the Iraqi/Syrian kids are very sad and show images of soldiers fighting and war.  In sharing these drawings on our website, we want to give these kids a chance to voice their feelings through their artwork.

As well, so many of their drawings show incredible courage, compassion, and are truly inspirational. 

From Domiz Refugee camp this was written on one drawing:
"From the children of Domiz to all the children around the world.
If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours."

The outpouring of love and genuine concern these kids have shown for each other has been incredible.

There's a fighting spirit in these kids. But they don't want to fight using guns.  They want to use books.  They realize they are not only part of the future, they are part of the solution.

One of our biggest hopes is that KGHTK will encourage this growth and remind all the kids that one person can make a difference.


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