From: Mazar Sharif
To: the World


"We are all created human beings.  We are created by Allah.

Peace, love, kindness is our right. 

We are the future of our country.

If there is no calm and peace, how can we improve our country?

How can we make a bright future for ourselves if each moment we see victims of bombs and crying? 

Is it good for us?

Stop!  Stop then!  For how long? 

We want peace and security. 

We want life full of love and transparency."
From: a boy in Herat

To: a boy in Iraq

I hope when you receive my letter, you are safe and happy. 

I know how you feel about the situation which is going on in your country because the same thing is going on in my country.

Neither me or you want this war, but this was imposed by our enemies. 

Let's try to become very strong to stop these wars.

Then we can bring peace and changes to our community.  I hope you understand me.

  My final words as a brother to you, is that "let's be part of the change that we want for the world."
From: a young girl in Herat

To: the World

I dream of a world of peace
where people can live a life of ease.

A world where there is no difference between rich and poor; life being pleasant for living evermore.

I dream of a world of happiness; where there is no sight of selfishness.

Where each and everyone can get their needs; and have belief in their deeds.

I dream of a world of kindness;
where people can know that the value of love is priceless.

Where people could realize that of earth we are all children; and to have a kind heart is better for all men.

I dream of a world of loving mates; where people can realize that all are great.

Where people can know that in this earth; with a kind heart people must give birth.

I dream of a world of peace; where people can live a life of ease!


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