Life has test in Peace

from: Bamiyan

We don't want war!

from: Mazar Sharif

Buddah destroyed by enemy of our country to damage our history.  Shame to them.

from: Bamiyan
Global Peace

from: Bamiyan

Drawing from KabulBe alive Afghanistan!

from :Kabul
We love peace!
Peace is our dream!

We can bring peace with soul and children's love.

Your friends,
Nasrin and Zainab,

Herat, Afghanistan
I love you my Iraqi brothers. 

Please stop war.

We don't want food and water; but we want peace.

from: Kabul

For Allah put down your weapons.

I afraid of war.

from :Mazar Sharif

Poverty and sickness is not as painful as cruelty of people to each other.

I like Afghanistan and Iraq.  I am 15 years old and living in Kabul, Afghanistan
This is Afghanistan. War is here.  In war people are upset.

I give my heart to be compassionate to others.

We will get to our ambitions.  Be hopeful.

Instead of chains around our necks we will put flowers.  We are not hopeless.  We reach for our hopes and goals.  Say no to war.  Say no to war.

from: Kabul
World Peace will  begin when we end the wars between each other.

From: Herat

First keep peace with yourself.
Then you can also bring peace to others.

From: Jalalabad
Tears are enough.  Grief is enough. War is enough.  Breaking hearts is enough.

Lets remake hearts and clean tears from one another.  And clean our tears with love.

We want peace.

From: Jalalabad
Aren't we all human?

Then why can't we all live together in peace?

From: Jalalabad
Unity is the best power

From: Jalalabad
When you have the ability, try to helpless people.

From: Jalalabad
Freedom is the right of each living thing.

From: Mazar Sharif
"Oh! What should I do?  My mom will punish me"

"Don't worry my dear brother!  I'll help you."

Having cooperation and unity are the marks of victory.  With having all this, we can beat our enemy. 

With holding hands with each other, we can do all things..

from Bamiyan

The people of Afghanistan are tired of poverty, war, unsafety.

from: Mazar Sharif
Hello for Freedom.

From: Herat

War is like a strong wind which attacks and destroys all beauty and removes happiness.

From Kabul
I am a child.
Leave me to play and read.

From: Jalalabad

When the power of love
overcomes the love of power;
the world will know peace.

From: Jalalabad


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