This was drawn by a student in Herat
This was drawn by a student in Jalalabad.This drawing was done by an Afghan teacher. This was from an actual picture that was shown around the world of a little Syrian boy that had drowned and was found on a beach.
Drawn by a teacher in Herat
"The world is shining for you! We love you!"
from Kids Giving Hope to Kids Herat.

from a student in Jalalabad,
"My message is: the courage you display is an example for us all.  More people should know what you are going through.  For the hope of peace in Iraq"
from Jalalabad
from Jalalabad:

"You can't go to school!"

"You can't stop me okay! I am brave like Malala! I will go to school!"

drawn by a student in Ghaznifrom Kabul:
"Dear mother and father,
all color has lost it color; grass is dead and dry."
"Father and mother killed by bombing."

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