"We love Barzani""One day we will be together again; my home, my family, my school, my friends, my everything."From: Syrian kids

Vive Syria and Afghanistan

Life law now for Kids:

NO killing for kids.
And YES for kids happiness.

We are the children of Syria and this is our destiny.
from Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq"I am from Syria.  I came to Iraq and I miss Syria.  We live in tents in Iraq. 

We have been in Iraq for one year.  I wish that everyone would be happy.  This is all of my life."

age 12
From: Iraq
My name is Ghalia - I'm 18 yrs old.  I'm from Syria, originally in Aleppo but I live in Arbil.

Ghalia from Syria for the hope of peace in Afghanistan.

Just smile.

Tomorrow is more beautiful."
Hello. I'm Ghinda. I'm 17 years old.  I am from Syria but live now in Kurdistan because of situation.

They killed our childhood.

And they killed our school.

I hope peace comes to Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Thanks for our messages
From: Syrian kids
Syria and Afghanistan we hope means safe.

Syrian children we love Afghan children.  Don't cry ever.

I love you to live in peace.
We are children from Syria.
We feel for you Afghan kids.
We want you to live a peaceful and happy life.
a U.N. camp in IraqI'm a child of Syria. We love Afghan children so much.
We want to return to Syria in peace soon.


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