"We love Barzani""One day we will be together again; my home, my family, my school, my friends, my everything."From: Syrian kids

Vive Syria and Afghanistan

Life law now for Kids:

NO killing for kids.

And YES for kids happiness.

We are the children of Syria and this is our destiny.
from Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq"I am from Syria.  I came to Iraq and I miss Syria.  We live in tents in Iraq. 

We have been in Iraq for one year.  I wish that everyone would be happy.  This is all of my life."

age 12
"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face.  It's about having a pretty mind."

from Domiz Syrian Refugee camp
My name is Ghalia - I'm 18 yrs old.  I'm from Syria, originally in Aleppo but I live in Arbil.

Ghalia from Syria for the hope of peace in Afghanistan.

Just smile.

Tomorrow is more beautiful."
I feel afraid when I was in darkFrom: Syrian kids
Syria and Afghanistan we hope means safe.

Syrian children we love Afghan children.  Don't cry ever.

I love you to live in peace.
We are children from Syria.
We feel for you Afghan kids.
We want you to live a peaceful and happy life.
For Afghanistan.

My name is Yasmeen and I'm 17 yrs old.
My name is Hind and I'm 16 yrs old.
We are from Iraq.

The price of freedom is death.  If they do not stand for nothing, will fall for anything.
The future belongs to people who promise him.

Today we want freedom. We want justice.
We want peace.
In any way, we cannot separate peace from freedom.

No one can enjoy peace unless free.

I hope that Afghanistan will be living  in peace and fight with science and pen.
I'm a child of Syria. We love Afghan children so much.
We want to return to Syria in peace soon.

a U.N. camp in IraqHello. I'm Ghinda. I'm 17 years old.  I am from Syria but live now in Kurdistan because of situation.

They killed our childhood.

And they killed our school.

I hope peace comes to Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Thanks for our messages
From: Iraq

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