Kids Giving Hope To Kids

In 2008, Lynn Matthews started going to Afghanistan during vacation time from her job.  She made contacts with several Afghan schools and started a pen pal project in an attempt to connect Afghan kids with American kids.

Kids Giving Hope to Kids was started in 2014 after hearing about the horrific situation that the Iraqi and Syrian people were facing.
Initially it involved a "Peace" drawing exchange between Afghan and Iraq/Syrian children displaced by the war.  In 2015 it has been expanded to include American kids as well.  We want to give all of the kids a voice that can be heard by the world through their artwork as it is displayed on our website.
Our goal is to give hope and encouragement to kids that have been affected by war and terrorism.
We also want to bring an awareness to American kids about the importance of never losing compassion for others and the importance of embracing life.
Gandhi said,
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
We want to give all the kids this opportunity.

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